When Cancer Comes Back: Advantages of SBRT for Recurrent Cancer

At CyberKnife Center of Chicago, we treat recurrent tumors using stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), an advanced radiation therapy technique that does not require anesthesia, incisions or a prolonged recovery period.

This approach may be beneficial for patients who have previously undergone surgery or received radiation at the site of the tumor. Using the CyberKnife® system, we treat recurrent tumors with very targeted, precise doses of radiation delivered directly to the tumor, minimizing exposure to surrounding tissue. This accuracy may reduce overall side effects associated with retreatment.

CyberKnife Center of Chicago’€™s approach for treating recurrent cancer involves multidisciplinary collaboration between doctors from various specialties to determine optimal treatment options to present to a patient. A patient’s diagnosis, disease pattern and medical history are evaluated to help decide the best plan for retreatment specific to the patient’s individual needs.

If you or a loved one has experienced a cancer recurrence, contact our center at (331) 221-2050 to find out if CyberKnife SBRT can be integrated into your treatment plan. You can learn more about CyberKnife SBRT for recurrent lung cancer in our blog post.

This is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your health care team. It is intended to help you and your family make informed decisions, together with your doctor.