Metastatic Cancer: When Breast Cancer Spreads to the Brain

Breast cancer is the second-most diagnosed cancer in women in the U.S., making considerations for the spread of breast cancer a particularly important conversation for women at risk.

Once breast cancer symptoms begin to appear, the cancer may have advanced and spread to another part of the body. Newly diagnosed women may be surprised to find out that breast cancer can spread to other areas of the body, requiring a more aggressive treatment plan. One of the most common sites for metastasis, or spread, of primary breast cancer is the brain.

When primary breast cancer has spread, it is considered metastatic breast cancer. If the primary cancer metastasizes to another part of the body, stereotactic radiosurgery with CyberKnife® can be a treatment option for women who are candidates. If breast cancer spreads to the brain, women may choose CyberKnife treatment for brain metastases due to fewer side effects, shorter treatment times and to avoid additional invasive cancer treatment.

CyberKnife treatment for brain metastases does not involve surgery or sedation and is complete in fewer than five outpatient procedures. To learn more about breast cancer or how to get involved in the fight against this disease, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This is not intended as medical advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your health care team. It is intended to help you and your family make informed decisions, together with your doctor.