Brain Awareness Week: SRS for Brain Tumors

Join our center in showing support for Brain Awareness Week as it kicks-off this week across the world. The annual global campaign is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research through a weeklong series of activities hosted by organizers across the country.

Our center uses CyberKnife® technology to treat cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). Below are some of the key benefits of SRS treatment for brain tumors:

  • No invasive head frame – SRS with CyberKnife does not require attachment of a metal head frame to stabilize the patient during treatment sessions. The CyberKnife adjusts to compensate for patient movements throughout the procedure, allowing patients to lie comfortably during treatment.

  • Nonsurgical – SRS is high dose radiation delivered directly to the tumor, there is no cutting or anesthesia required.

  • Recovery time – There are minimal to no side effects with SRS treatments, allowing patients to resume their normal routines after the procedure.

  • Less treatments –Unlike traditional radiation therapy that can typically take 6-8 weeks, SRS is delivered in just five or fewer treatment sessions..

Click here for more information about the different types of cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors CyberKnife Center of Chicago treats using stereotactic radiosurgery.